Recycling Container

Front Load Recycling Containers come in all standard front load sizes and are used for the collection of all recyclable products in City or Municipal townships that support recycling programs.

  • 10 ga floors, 12 ga sides, 7 ga bumper pads
  • 7 ga flared 3-way fork pocket guides
  • 7 ga caster pads
  • One 1-1/4" drain hole on right hand side of the bin, complete with plug
  • Slot opening 6"h x 36"w cut in front of bin, with 12ga metal flap hinged to bin
  • Double wall plastic lids with manual chain lock kits (can be installed upon request)
  • Optional Casters (available on all sizes except 8 Yards) - 6" x 2" Althane - choose from rigid, swivel or swivel with lock, or any combination of each, up to 1400 LB rating (can be installed or shipped loose upon request)

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