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Precision Waste Hoist PDF

Hoist Frame, 12” x 4 “ x ½” one piece tube rails
Weight after mounted 8,000 lbxs., with oil
Lubrication use Zerk fittings at wear points

Hydraulic System
Lift Cylinder 7” bore x 79” stroke x 4” rod Single
Stage Double Acting
Winch Cylinder 7.125” x 6” x 5” Double Acting
Schroeder Return Filter
Permco Pump: 30 GPM @ 1200 RPM
Permco Pump: 47 GPM @ 1800 RPM

Other Features
Cable 7/8” x 34’ 4”
Primed – black epoxy
Paint – black urethane (stock), other colours available (option)
Swivel Hook
Outside Rollers N/C


Bumper with LED Lights
Inside Air Controls
Tool Box 18 x 18 x 36 Steel Painted Black
Full 7ga Checker Plate Fenders (Various fenders)
Control Systems   
Auto Grease Lift Axle   
Stinger Tail

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