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 Precision Waste  Systems BuildingIn June 2009, Precision Waste Systems Limited opened giving a new revitalization to the waste handling industry. We are a proud Canadian Manufacture of waste containers and equipment with a high standard of excellence at an affordable price for the consumer. Our plant is located in Innisfil, Ontario seated on 6 acres of land designed for the sole purpose of construction of solid waste metal containers. We will leverage our experienced management team and staff to capitalize on the success of the future for our customers and our self as we lead the way in the waste handling industry.

Our facility has state of the art technology starting with the assembly line style of production to ensure employee safety while maintaining our high quality standards. Our assembly process allows for quick change over of container sizes and models to meet customer demand. Our dual 45 foot end draft paint booths along with our state of the art HVLP airless painting system guarantees excellent coverage and finish on all containers.

Our unwavering commitment to employee's safety, high quality standards, and customer satisfaction puts Precision Waste Systems above the rest. Our experienced production, engineering, and sales team provide the expertise that allows us to custom make containers to meet our customer's requirements. To ensure that we are able to serve our customers quickly, Precision Waste with its 4 acres of outside storage space provides their customers with one of the largest container inventories to draw from.

Precision Waste Systems manufactures 10, 14, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cubic yard open top Roll-Off containers in heavy duty, ultra duty and extra heavy duty used in the construction, metal and waste handling industry. We manufacture specialty containers such as sludge roll-off, liquid tight and residential containers. The containers can be made to accommodate cable, hook, and multi lift configurations. Precision Waste also manufactures Front Load containers from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards both flat and slanted. Luggers from 10 cubic yards up to 20 cubic yards. In an effort to meet the growing needs of our customers our facility is always expanding or enhancing our product line.

Our Innisfil facility houses an exceptional production team allowing us to expand from our current operations. State of the art technology combined with our dedication to quality and customer service will provide our most valuable asset "our customers" with the satisfaction they deserve.

Precision Waste Systems designs, develops, manufactures, assembles, and distributes its products from a Canadian based manufacturing facility, to service the Canadian market for waste handling needs. Our competitive advantage allows us to produce a quality built product at an affordable cost to the consumer. We have used local innovations and a strong management team to manufacture quality products at an affordable price.

Whatever you need Precision Waste Systems has the solution for you.

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